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Founded in 2020, Shree Ambica Industries, as an industrial valves and strainers manufacturer, has grown to become a specialty valve manufacturer, supplier, and exporter for industries worldwide. As a distinguished manufacturer, supplier, and exporter based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, we take immense pride in offering a comprehensive range of industrial valves and equipment designed to cater to the diverse needs of our esteemed clientele. Our commitment to engineering precision and unwavering dedication to quality have made us a reliable choice in the industry. At Shree Ambica Industries, we understand the critical role that industrial valves play in ensuring the smooth operation of various systems and processes.

Our product portfolio boasts a wide array of top-notch industrial solutions, including Screwed End Ball Valves, Y Type Strainers, T Type Strainers, Pot Type Strainers, Basket Type Strainers, Check Valves, Globe Valves, Electrical Actuator Operated Gate Valves, Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, Sight Glass Valves, Flanged Glass Valves, Glass Valves, Flush Bottom Valves, Jacketed Valves, 3 Piece Flanged End Ball Valves, 2 Piece Flanged End Ball Valves, 1 Piece Flanged End Ball Valves, and Flanged End Ball Valves.

Each product offered by Shree Ambica Industries is an evidence to our unwavering commitment to precision, durability, and performance excellence. Whether you are in search of valves for fluid control or strainers for debris removal, you can trust our solutions to meet and exceed your expectations.

Join us in exploring the world of radical industrial valves designed to optimize performance and enhance reliability in a multitude of applications. At Shree Ambica Industries, we believe in transforming your industrial challenges into seamless solutions. Your success is our commitment.

sight glass valve manufacturers in india
Gate Valve Manufacturers in Ahmedabad
3 piece flanged end ball valve in Ahmedabad, India

Flanged End Ball Valve

A flanged end ball valve is a type of valve equipped with flanged connections, enabling easy installation and removal from a pipeline and offering efficient control and shut-off of fluid flow with a rotating ball inside the valve body.

jacketed valves manufacturers in india


A jacketed valve is a valve with an outer casing or jacket designed to circulate a heating or cooling medium around the valve to maintain a specific temperature within the valve.

Flush Bottom Valve supplier

Flush Bottom Valve

A flush bottom valve is a type of valve designed with a flattened bottom to enable complete drainage of the contents, often used in vessels or tanks where thorough cleaning or emptying is required.

Butterfly valve in ahmedabad

Butterfly Valve

A butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve, typically used to control or isolate the flow of a liquid or gas in a system, characterized by a disc which is rotated 90 degrees to allow or block flow.

Gate valve exporter in india

Gate Valve

A gate valve is a type of linear motion valve that uses a sliding gate or wedge to either fully open or fully close the flow of fluid within a system.

Glass valve manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Glass Valve

A glass valve is a specialized valve equipped with a transparent glass body or viewing window, allowing visual inspection of the flow and contents passing through the valve.

Check valve suppliers in india

Check Valve

A check valve is a type of valve that allows fluid or gas to flow in one direction but prevents it from flowing in the opposite direction, thereby ensuring unidirectional flow within a system.

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A strainer is a device used in piping systems to remove solid particles or debris from fluids by trapping them as the fluid passes through, preventing damage to downstream equipment and ensuring smoother flow.

Globe Valve Exporter

Globe Valve

A globe valve is a type of linear motion valve designed to regulate flow by a movable disk or plug, usually perpendicular to the flow, controlling and throttling the fluid within a pipeline.

Offering Best Valves to the Industry

Industrial Valves Manufacturers in India

In the Indian industrial valves industry, Shree Ambica Industries is a well-known and esteemed brand. After many years of devoted service to the valve business, we have established a solid reputation for manufacturing, supplying and exporting excellent industrial valves that are customized to satisfy the various needs of various industries. Gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, and more are all part of our vast selection; each is expertly made using the best raw materials and advanced production techniques. Shree Ambica Industries is unique because of our steadfast dedication to excellence and client satisfaction. Our valves are more than simply merchandise; they are evidence of our commitment to excellence in design and dependability. We place a high value on employing cutting-edge methods to make sure that every valve we fabricate has remarkable longevity and performance.

Our customer is not limited to India; it also includes markets outside of it, which attests to our reputation as a trustworthy supplier of industrial valves worldwide. Innovation is fundamental to Shree Ambica Industries, and we continuously make investments in our methods and technologies to hold onto our status as one of India’s top producers of industrial valves. Choosing us means investing in more than just valves—you’re choosing a tradition of excellence, dependability, and unrivalled experience.

Our Vision

We are working hard to make our products better with efficient manufacturing and costing. We are all dedicated to providing excellent products, timely after-sales services, and technical support for our products.

Our Mission

We offer a clean workplace with all the amenities required for a better work environment. We support the implementation of safety measures to prevent mishaps and process breakdowns. Our commitment to provide the greatest service to our customers is our top priority.

Our Team

We have a committed team of experts behind us that assist us in giving our esteemed clients the best possible product. We have assembled a team of experts with deep knowledge and experience in the relevant fields.

Our Product Range

1 piece flanged end ball valve

1 Piece Flanged End Ball Valve

2 piece flanged end ball valve

2 Piece Flanged End Ball Valve


3 Piece Flanged End Ball Valve

Glass valve manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Flanged Glass Valve

gate valve supplier in ahmedabad

Electrical Actuator Operated Gate Valve

Glass valve manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Sight Glass Valve

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Basket Type Strainer

pot type strainer

Pot Type Strainer

T Type Strainer

T Type Strainer

Strainer Manufacturer, Exporters, Suppliers in India

Y Type Strainer

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